Ian was invited by Martin Randall Travel to present five Zoom lectures on ‘The Operas of Mozart’ between 16 June and 21 July 2021. This acclaimed series was available to download until 15 September 2021, and further details can be found here


“All five lectures were extraordinary! They were extremely educative, quietly blissful in a time of universal trauma, overwhelmingly beautiful in content and delivery, overall incredibly moving.”

“I have enjoyed this series enormously. It is not only his deep knowledge and erudition that’s been so marvellous, it is his love and enthusiasm for his subject. We have been given a glimpse into Mozart’s very soul.” 

“Ian has an extraordinary ability to convey great knowledge and insight whilst never sounding didactic. The easy style belies the hours of meticulous preparation. Always, there is the humour and the boyish delight in the work. What Mozart achieves in notes cascading over each other as he speed-composes, Ian conveys in his words.”

“What is there to say? Brilliant – thank you so much.”